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While these new pianos offer many benefits, such as portability and affordability, some argue that they lack the soul and depth of traditional acoustic pianos.

So, what is the role of technology in the future of the piano? Will digital pianos eventually replace traditional acoustic pianos? Or will there always be a place for the unique sound and touch of a classic piano?

How will these changes impact the way we learn, teach, and play the piano?

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Those are great lyrics and so true. It is somtmiees hard to reflect on where things go amiss, but, all of life's journeys have something to teach us, and the only really bad mistake is the one we fail to learn from.

Posted by'Purwa' on Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 00:02am

Leslie, your blog is so beautiful! God chose you and John to be spciael parents. You both possess compassion, empathy and huge loving hearts. He knew he could count on you to be an inspiration to others, as you live your faith on this journey with Isaiah. Every life is such a spciael gift! He has entrusted one of his spciael angels to you to care for and love!

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