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7 comments so far (post your own)

YUM!! That would be a fun afternoon...VERY sexy!!!

Posted by'NipCub' on Saturday, 02.27.16 @ 16:32pm

the next time u also need 收sms.Q: 用中銀付款抵D, 還是去7-11 買增值卷抵D 呢?A: 我 用信用咭, unless i want to try and write the usage for raeedrs. 7-11 should be cheaper.Q:你通常用咩方法付款呢?A:我用私人代充公司, 平靚正!無7-11咁多限制!

Posted by'Kenia' on Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 00:03am

You also should be ready to uplaod your photograph, although many folks find this such a tricky course of action! Just be sure it's a photograph that you like and feel comfy with, that's what matters. Remember you're joining to meet up with other gay girls, so don't short-sell yourself. Meeting new folks can be disconcerting, but at least once you've chatted online and got to grasp one another, you'll have lots to chat about.

Posted by'Prashit' on Monday, 10.12.15 @ 03:19am

nice thong

Posted by'jordan' on Thursday, 09.11.14 @ 21:06pm

Thick, whitish bear juice out of big hairy balls of bear...
Oomph, fuck me.

Posted by'muscleman' on Saturday, 04.19.14 @ 00:15am

WOOF!!! What a

Posted by'Chris' on Friday, 03.21.14 @ 20:55pm

I want his cum in my mouth!

Posted by'RichardV' on Saturday, 02.15.14 @ 21:54pm

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