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Hot Diggity Dog!!!! It is about time!!!! My fellow June 19ther! Unfortunately I won't be going along with my Junebug Friends. I know how you feel thhogut about the excitement this time around. With the wait being so long it kind took the oomph out of it. But, believe me once you see that angel being brought your way it will hit!! If not before.Cheering you and all of the other June 19th LIDers on.

Posted by'Ondra' on Monday, 11.18.13 @ 02:27am

Ahhhh that buffalo-dip thing looks REALLY good. With my ex I found it so so so hard to make anyhitng to eat together that didn't include some sort of beef, milk or fried food. He doesn't eat ANY vegetables like your BF, no yoghurt, no foreign foods, no fruits. Makes it incredibly hard to eat healthy and together while not spending a fortune.

Posted by'Mohamed' on Thursday, 11.14.13 @ 16:56pm

I only have two words. PACKING TAPE. Even unfortunate kids cant sneak a peak wohtiut ripping the paper if you use packing tape. I learned this from my mother, who figured out at some point that we could unwrap and rewrap gifts wohtiut her knowledge. I think it was more thrilling to unwrap and rewrap the gifts on the down low than it was to actually get the gift. Then somehow, either I or my siblings, left some sort of clue that the gift had been breached, and she started taping with packing tape. It cannot be rewrapped after the packing tape. I don't use the packing tape as of yet, but I do use lots and lots of regular tape.

Posted by'Andy' on Thursday, 11.14.13 @ 03:06am

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