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I don't know why all of these dumb comments are posted on this picture but this has got to be the hottest daddy on this site. He deserves more posts about his amazingly cute face, awesome belly and huge daddy dick. WOOOF.

Posted by'Bhur' on Thursday, 12.26.19 @ 16:01pm

No. I hate when they make movies based on video-games, eclpsialey my favorite ones, because it always ends up crappy. TekkenDead or AliveBloodRayneHitmanStreet Fighter: The Legend of Chun LiDragon BallBLEH. +1Was this answer helpful?

Posted by'Thulyo' on Monday, 10.12.15 @ 03:19am

Must have lot's of experience; nice daddies invitation.

Posted by'MJP52' on Wednesday, 12.18.13 @ 17:37pm

Yay!!! We hadn't heard this yet .SUPER exciting!! She will have three very preotctive big brothers might be hard for boys to date her, having to come through all those brothers and Dad first. What a great little family you have!! Miss Ya'll. Michelle and Crew

Posted by'Ionica' on Saturday, 11.16.13 @ 02:25am

Yep, know that feeling years ago when we had just 3 I was tdening a neighbors 2 kids and we stopped quickly at the local drugstore with 5 kids in tow, the gal at the check out was asking me if they were all mine and I told her only part of the time feeling pretty good about myself until my daughter walked thru one of those alarm doors!!! LoL I turned red, and daughter turned white After that, we only went shopping when I had dropped off the oldest to Kindergarten! Oh, did I not say that they were all 5 and under?

Posted by'Lisa' on Thursday, 11.14.13 @ 02:19am

yup, going to MIL's after 3 months is dlefniteiy better than leaving baby alone with maid!not to waver your decision again, but an unsuitable CL may make ur confinement period difficult too. Some CLs do not want to feed breastmilk at night cos they feel that formula is more filling (n baby sleeps longer), some not to ur hygiene standards, etc. Will be good to set up a list of requirements u expect of a CL, and get reliable recommendations. Better book early now since it'll be around CNY period.For me, if i have to do confinement again, i'll still choose DIY. Bcos i enjoyed "total control" over how to manage my baby, and there was a sense of satisfaction that "I did it myself!".. haha.. Ok, there was 1 episode where i experienced "post-natal blues". One evening, baby was crying badly, and I felt so exasperated that I started crying n scolded baby for crying. Miraculously, baby stopped crying almost immediately. Though i did feel v guilty for scolding him. Dont recall any other time I felt "bad" during my 6 months at home.

Posted by'Adryalice' on Wednesday, 11.13.13 @ 03:13am

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