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O Daddy,I love your body and big huge cock too!

Posted by'elan27' on Friday, 03.16.18 @ 19:26pm

what is the smtgia about?____I feel the smtgia comes with the "come close but don't come to close" personal bubbles that many people have established in their lives now. Because people don't trust like they used to, because people have it in their mind that you will screw them over eventually, going to a therapist puts them in a radical comfort zone shift that freaks many people out.__Would you or have you ever gone to a therapist/counselor? Was it beneficial? Why or why not?__I went to a therapist in high school for depression and it helped me immensely to gain self-confidence and put things into perspective. I am pondering going now but my insurance doesn't cover it, making it pretty expensiive. I wouldn't be going for depression but other issues that I can share with you offline. The one thing that made the therapy successful was the right match to fit my personality. I need to have someone that can listen but challenge me at the same time, that was key.__What would it take you to walk through that door to see a therapist?__I think better rates. Therapy costs as much as a gym membership, hence why I don't go to either. __

Posted by'Stanciu' on Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 00:03am

You don't even need to look at the benches. The NBA goes thgruoh phases with race it's weird. The NBA was extremely black in the 70 s, then got whiter in the 80 s, then got black again. Now with all of the Euro/SA talent coming in as well as some home grown talent, the white population of the NBA is around 32% (this article is from 2009, in 2012 it has changed). Combine that with the fact that a good # of black NBA ballers are 1/2 or 1/4 white (Grant Hill, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Deron Williams, Blake Griffin, Nic Batum, Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Brandon Roy, Royce White, Tobias Harris, Jeff Taylor, Shane Battier, Landry Fields, Kendal Marshall, John Henson, Jason Kidd, etc wow that list even surprised me, off the top fo my head) & guys that are 1/2 Hispanic (Carmelo, Barbosa, Pietrus, etc) and the league is way more diverse then it gets credit for, and it's getting much more diverse every year. I guess it just has that reputation as a thug sport which is really ridiculous since most of the guys who play (black, white, mixed, etc) are very intelligent as it's a sport that requires a sharp mind to excel at.

Posted by'Riicardiitto' on Monday, 10.12.15 @ 03:19am

I want a sexy old daddy

Posted by'jordan m' on Thursday, 07.23.15 @ 09:12am

i love your cock very much, please email me by waiting for your daddy.

Posted by'jason.kidd' on Saturday, 05.23.15 @ 04:20am

its nice, the cock is big and smooth, i love it very much.

Posted by'jason.kidd' on Saturday, 05.23.15 @ 04:16am

i'll take care of you anytime, daddy! just let me know!

Posted by'CPB' on Thursday, 12.25.14 @ 07:56am

Adult Son want this Dad fuck my butthole or any like him in jax area send pics & age

Posted by'SonButt' on Wednesday, 12.17.14 @ 20:58pm

U could take my virgin ass with that cock anytime! Wow

Posted by'Brady' on Monday, 08.18.14 @ 21:53pm

vry sexy

Posted by'pankaj' on Wednesday, 06.11.14 @ 12:44pm

Beautiful body !


Posted by'Marcopaloou' on Saturday, 06.7.14 @ 17:18pm

sitting by the pool sucking on a hard one !!

Posted by'cpb' on Sunday, 11.24.13 @ 22:32pm

mmm... papi

Posted by'Xavier' on Tuesday, 04.9.13 @ 16:25pm

Daddy Bear you can fuck me all day and night!

Posted by'SonSlut' on Tuesday, 04.9.13 @ 05:57am

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