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Take me home NOW!

Posted by'shp' on Tuesday, 04.28.09 @ 10:23am

send me your email

Posted by'serenade50' on Tuesday, 05.12.09 @ 18:55pm


Posted by'serenade50' on Wednesday, 05.13.09 @ 00:13am

Hello. We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.
I am from Chad and also am speaking English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "In many ways it is similar to a marriage, carrying many of the same laws, only under a different name."

With love :-), Idalee.

Posted by'Idalee' on Tuesday, 07.7.09 @ 05:54am

Perfect 10 but I wish I could he what's Under those shorts

Posted by'Zack' on Sunday, 10.18.09 @ 02:11am

send me your picture

Posted by'imran' on Saturday, 01.2.10 @ 23:47pm

Please send me more pics u r hot

Posted by'john' on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 19:31pm

open your underwear and show your penis. mail me.

Posted by'Noor' on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 01:14am

u r very smart daddy. plz chat with me. my fase book is 'sujith vaas'.ok? i like daddy always u r mine.

Posted by'sujithvaasgeart daddy' on Monday, 07.11.11 @ 16:48pm

pless neck me

Posted by'kutaiba' on Tuesday, 08.9.11 @ 07:31am

call me pless or senD masseg :

Posted by'kutaiba' on Tuesday, 08.9.11 @ 07:35am

Please Please Please Send Me An Email :X:x:X:x:X:x:X:x

Posted by'OrfaiN' on Friday, 02.10.12 @ 01:27am

I luv daddy and i want 2 sex daddy

Posted by'Sohaan' on Saturday, 03.10.12 @ 12:30pm

i love da

Posted by'asif' on Thursday, 04.5.12 @ 17:26pm

Email me without those pesky shorts

Posted by'Denis' on Monday, 07.2.12 @ 02:01am

i would let you do anything to me daddy,

Posted by'jake' on Thursday, 07.5.12 @ 02:01am

You are so hot daddy email me more of you

Posted by'Jake' on Wednesday, 07.11.12 @ 16:53pm

A raelly good answer, full of rationality!

Posted by'Kelis' on Friday, 10.26.12 @ 05:08am

THGASy hbndiuxsyrxh

Posted by'okhgpzllfff' on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 02:48am


Posted by'Spice' on Saturday, 11.3.12 @ 12:59pm


Posted by'ljp' on Sunday, 12.23.12 @ 11:04am

u r to sexxxy wanit 2 fuck u

Posted by'ssss' on Friday, 08.23.13 @ 02:59am

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Posted by'MarloPab' on Thursday, 03.16.17 @ 05:37am

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